The Federation of Financial Sector Trade Unions in Bulgaria was established in the year 2003 by the Independent Trade Union of the Employees from Unicredit Bulbank and UBB AD Trade Union of Bank Employees and Workers.
The activity of the Federation of Financial Sector Trade Unions is entirely in the sphere of labour law compliance and social relations between hired workers /employees/ and employers /the bank/.
The Federation’s aim and vision are related to assisting its members – the independent trade unions of the respective banks - during their negotiations with employers, the pursuing of independent and non-bound to the large confederacies social policy, organizing of series of seminars and workshops on the issues of protecting the labour and social interests of trade unions’ members.

•    protection of the trade union rights and interests of its members in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria;
•    Establishment and maintenance /regulation/ of democratic workers-employer relationship;
•    Support of freedom and protection of the workers and employees’ labour and their fair remuneration;
•    Realization of constant dialogue with the employer for the achievement of social benefits and improvement of the standard of living of the workers and employees in the respective banks;
•    Further development of trade union initiatives, improvement of the regulatory framework, delivery of training to personnel;
•    Social assistance to its members.